Konpeito: Star-Shaped Sweets, Small, 50 g

Konpeito: Star-Shaped Sweets, Small, 50 g
Item# HGS-004_konpeito-star-like-sweets-1-9-oz

Product Description


Konpeito is a traditional Japanese sweet has been around for hundreds of years. It is a hard candy that looks like a star, exploding out in all directions. Konpeito are traditionally used as tea sweets when using a chabako (tea box). The sweets are kept in a ceramic furidashi, and are served instead of other tea sweets.

We carry two sizes of konpeito. This is the smaller size, each measuring about 1/4-inch. The package contains 50 grams of the sweets.

You may have seen these in the film “Spirited Away”, by Hayao Miyazaki; this is what Kamaji feeds to the little soot sprites, called Susuwatari.