Rikio Tokusei- Solid jikatabi

Rikio Tokusei- Solid jikatabi
Item# TBI-006_rikio-tokusei-solid-jikatabi

Product Description

The most solid short jikatabi model, tokusei means deluxe, but this boot is made for rough terrain. The same height as a regular 5-Tab model, it has 3 large metal tabs (kohaze) and four adjustable widths to ensure a snug fit.

100% cotton with a heavy-duty black rubber sole and coating for added waterproofing. Navy blue cotton lining and the insole is a thick cotton padding. All the stitching is reinforced so the seams are strong and durable.

Sizes: 22cm-28cm (not all sizes in stock) Height: Short boot (3-Tab) Color: Black Material: Canvas, JRFMA rubber sole

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