Sencha Tea – Kabuse Sencha, 100g, NEW!

Sencha Tea – Kabuse Sencha,  100g, NEW!
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A very premium green tea, Kabuse Sencha (かぶせ煎茶) or shaded tea, can be steeped into a rich tea using a warm water steeping technique because the leaves are so delicate and tender. Using a standard boiling water steeping method, the taste is delicate and sweet.

Grown by covering the tea plants just after new leaves begin to sprout in early May, the shade reduces sunlight by as much as 85% to encourage the plants to produce wide, tender, chlorophyll-rich tea leaves. Two weeks later they are harvested and processed ready for shipping by the end of the month. Obubu’s Kabuse Sencha is grown at a relatively high altitude for the region (500 m or 1640 ft) on southeast facing slopes providing good exposure to the sun (an important combination for shaded tea!).