Book: Chanoyu Quarterly, Issue #32

Book: Chanoyu Quarterly, Issue #32
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This book is one of a series of 88 issues published on the practice of Tea Ceremony by the Urasenke Foundation from 1970 to 1999.

The contents of this 1982 issue include: • Tradition and Adaptation by Sen Soshitsu XV • Instructions for the Monastery Cook: Dogen Zenji's Tenzo Kyokun by Thomas Wright • Early Kyoto Ceramics by Kawahara Masahiko • Kekkai: The Aesthetics of Partitions by Itoh Teiji • "The Essence of Chanoyu Lies Precisely in What Isn't Chanoyu" by Tsutsui Hiroichi • Tamae— Tea Procedure: Jiku Kazari • Book Reviews: Mitchel Bring and Josse Wayemburgh, Japanese Gardens: Design and Meaning (Ron Herman) / Chikamatsu Shigemori; ed., Mori Toshiko, Stories from a Tearoom Window Allan Palmer) / Horst Hammitzsch, Zen in the Art of the Tea Ceremony (Ronald Louis Nado)

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