Book: An Introduction to Japanese Tea Ritual, by Jennifer L. Anderson

Book: An Introduction to Japanese Tea Ritual, by Jennifer L. Anderson
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An Introduction to Japanese Tea Ritual, -by Jennifer L. Anderson

"An Introduction to Japanese Tea Ritual" is a very well-written, systematic and enjoyable introduction to one of the classical Japanese arts: Chado, usually translated in the West as 'the Tea Ceremony'.

"It provides a helpful overview of chanoyu practice for western readers by putting emphasis on the traditional meanings of tea with sensitivity to religious and cultural aspects. This book will help to demystify chanoyu and correct many one-sided impressions. It shows that chanoyu can be studied anthropologically and places the traditional practice of chanoyu clearly within the iemoto system in Japan. It gives to the general reading public an accurate description of what actually goes on in a formal tea gathering, together with some indication of the rich associations in Japanese traditional culture that are called up by the various symbols and activities." -- Theodore M. Ludwig, Valparaiso University.

Table of Contents: • The Nature of Tea Ritual • The history of Chanoyu • Organization in the Tea World • A model Shogo Chaji • The Tamae Appendix • The Toriawase Appendix

This book is a must-have addition to your library if you are seriously studying Japanese Tea Ceremony.

This book is cloth bound. It is published with English text by The State University of New York Press, and is in good condition.