Chawan- Oribe Ware Tea Bowl

Chawan- Oribe Ware Tea Bowl
Item# CHW-068

Product Description

This chawan is a beautiful example of modern Oribe ware. Like Shino ware, its close cousin, red-brown highlights (in this case a picture) is made from brown glaze righ in iron, which is baked for a long time in the large kiln with bad thermal efficiency.

It is Oribe ware that was established by Sen no Rikyu and aesthetics of tea of Furuta Oribe. With the new-type kiln, Nobori-gama (climbing kiln), introduced from Hizen and Karatsu, pottery changed a lot. The mass production of tea pottery and high-class tableware was attained.

Although Oribe is considered to be the pottery where copper-green glaze is poured over it, the pottery baked in a Nobori-gama (climbing kiln) as prescribed by Furuta Oribe is generally called Oribe ware.

Condition : Very Good.

Width: 4.6-inches (11.8 cm)