Hashi (Chopsticks): Nakabushi, Green Painted Bamboo

Hashi (Chopsticks): Nakabushi, Green Painted Bamboo
Item# HSH-010

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Hashi (Chopsticks): Nakabushi, Green Painted Bamboo.

There are 4 styles of chopsticks used during Tea Kaiseki - Nakabushi, Motobushi, Ryoboso, and Sugibashi. Each style is distinguished according to the course and the type of dishes served. Nakabushi is used for grilled fish and hasun, which is equivalent to small shared plates much like tapas. Motobushi is used for shisakana, which are simple snacks that accompany alcohol. Ryoboso chopsticks are tapered at both ends and are used to serve many of the courses of the tea ceremony - such as the azukebachi (much like a tagine servingware used to serve simmered seafood and vegetables), shisakana, and pickles. Sugibashi is shorter and thinner than the rest, which made them perfect to serve condiments and smaller dishes.