Chawan: Mishima Ware Tea Bowl

Chawan: Mishima Ware Tea Bowl
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Mishima is the name given to a style of pottery that utilized incused or embossed lines for design, usually white over a chosen glaze color. The style of this bowl is Hira-Jawan

Most styles of Japanese pottery are named after the city where they are made, or a family name, such as Raku, Mishima pottery is named after a place that had nothing do to with its production.

Mishima is a city in Shizuoka Prefecture that boasts splendid views of Mount Fuji and is known chiefly as a gateway to Hakone and the Izu Peninsula. In older times, there was a calendar published at the Grand Shrine of Mishima who wrote in squiggly kana lines. Because the "rope curtain" designs of 15th-16th century Korean Punch'ong stoneware resembled the lines on these calendars, works of this pattern came to be known as Mishima. This tea bowl with its shallow depth is best used in summer

The Mishima name may be 17th-century, but the style itself goes back to the Koryo Period (935-1392) when bowls decorated in this way were known as Korai-jawan or Korai tea bowls.

Condition: Used, but in very good condition. There is a slight crack on the rim “under the glaze. How wabi can you get?