Jikatabi: Rikio Jitsuyo, Medium 10-tab, Waterproof

Jikatabi: Rikio Jitsuyo, Medium 10-tab, Waterproof
Item# TBI-004

Product Description

Very similar to the Engei model but with the familiar split toe jikatabi design. Jitsuyo means practical. These boots are ideal for working in wet environments or in the water. They have the same waterproofing as the Engei but also comes in three heights. They have a rubber toe cap and extensive waterproof coating on the uppers. They has 5 metal tabs (kohaze) and four adjustable widths to ensure a snug fit.

100% cotton with a flexible-rubber, non-slip sole and a rubber strip between the sole and upper for added waterproofing. Aquamarine cotton lining and the insole is a thick cotton padding. All the stitching is reinforced so the seams are strong and durable.

Sizes: 23cm-28cm (not all sizes in stock) Height: Calf boot (10-Tab) Color: Black Material: Canvas, JRFMA rubber sole