Zojirushi: Electric Hot Water Pot, 4-Liter, with Battery Dispensing

Zojirushi: Electric Hot Water Pot, 4-Liter, with Battery Dispensing
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Product Description

This dispensing pot is ideal for preparing hot tea. It is often used in an office environment or outdoors when a simpler approach to making tea is desired.

The pot's user-friendly control panel offers simple push-button operation with a digital display that indicates the water temperature. Choose from 175, 195, or 208 degrees F depending on the type of beverage being served. It also offers a "reboil" button to heat the water back up to boiling, an "unlock" selection for safety, and a "dispense" button with a "slow" setting for slower dispensing.

The hybrid unit provides a micro-computerized temperature-control system for consistent results, plus a vacuum-insulated design that helps keep liquids hot without the use of electricity for energy savings. Best of all, its carrying handle and battery-operated cordless dispensing allow for exceptional portability (cordless dispensing requires 2 AA batteries, not included).

Other highlights include a convenient timer function that can be set from 6 to 10 hours, an easy-to-read water-level gauge, automatic safety shut-off, and de-chlorinate and descaling modes, as well as an interchangeable melody or beep indicator to signal the completion of the boiling process or a low water level. The unit's clear-coated stainless-steel exterior cleans easily and nicely accommodates any kitchen decor, domestic or commercial. The dispensing pot measures 8-3/8 by 11 by 13-4/5 inches. Capacity is 135 oz.