Garden Shears: Genzo Hamono Kado Garden Shears Made from High Carbon Steel

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Made of High-Carbon steel laminated with soft steel. The Largest diameter these shears will cut is 1/4.  Overall length of the shears is 6.5"; blade length is 2; weight is 0.5 lbs.

Kado shears are designed with a handle style called tsuru and the blades are designed to make fine cuts which is required for flower arrangements to allow the flowers to easily absorb water.

The round, wide handle is easy to grip.  Genzo series shears are produced by Genzo Hamono Manufacturing Co. in Niigata prefecture. They come with a strong blade and hold-up their edge a long time. They require that the edge to be wiped clean and dried after use to prevent rust. The shears come with a leather blade cover.